May 13, 2019

Fishing in and around Lander has been great! With all of the rain and snow from last week, the waters have darkened up a bit. There is not much visibility but the fish are still in there. Fish are hitting on just about whatever you throw. Still seeing BWOs, stoneflies, midges...and caddis! Break out the lead and fish those nymphs deep! The extended forecast is calling for some nice warm weather. Get out while you can because run off should be hitting us real soon.

Come on down to the shop! We have some pre-made boxes of flies to make your selecting process a lot easier!

Happy Fishing!

April 29, 2019

Run off has begun! Rivers are still fishable, and streams like the Little Popo Agie and the North Fork have benefited from the run off. Water may be dirty and cloudy but the fish are still eating. Dirty water doesn’t mean you should be fishing flies with disco balls on their heads, match the hatch. Be patient and do not be afraid to switch it up if you aren’t getting bites. Come on down to the shop and we can set you up with the flies that you’ll need to have a successful trip on the water in and around Lander.

We will be open Monday through Sunday starting in May. Mondays - Saturday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Sunday 10 am - 2 pm.

Happy fishing!

July 28, 2017

Bighorn River: The levels have come down to a season low of 4400 cfs. Water clarity is not gin clear, think Crown and Seven (and just a few weeds in your drink). This has shaped up to be a tricky season on the upper Horn, but there are some fish to be found. How? Drifting streamer/nymph combos works in the drops, bottoms and tops of runs has proven effective. So have the bank edges. The classic bank shot streamer tactics so effective past seasons, do not deliver yet. Nor do dries so far. Stay tuned for those changes to happen later in the summer.

Annelids: Wire Worms and Squirmies, purple, wine, red, pink sizes 10-14

Soft Hackle, Firebead Eddy Vedder sow bugs in pink, tan sizes 12-16

Streamers: Thin Mints, Yuk Bugs and Girdle Bugs, brown, olive and  Meat Whistles, virile, sizes 2-6.


Lander Area Tributaries

The best of the area’s angling might be considered on the local tribs this week. Plenty of water, plenty of bugs, and lots of healthy hungry trout highlight summertime small stream fishing. Take along beverages of choice after work and enjoy happy hour anywhere on the Popo Agie 5 minutes out of town. Little grasshoppers are getting bigger so its time to think terrestrials, though as fish wise up consider ant and beetle patterns. Our midsummer hatches have been prolific, so keep an eye out for pale morning duns, pink ladies, short horn sedges, and yellow sallies. Summer is a great time to brush up on streamside entymology (bug life). Turn over some river rocks and wait for the evening hatch to begin!!


Dries: throw what you like but don’t dismiss the following. DC Yellow Sally, pink Film Critic, Missing Link, Goddard’s Caddis, PMD Vis-a-Dun. Sizes 14-18 are safe bets. These patterns will match the hatch in various locations. Want to know what’s coming off on your favorite water? Swing by the shop and we can line you out.


Terrestrials: hoppers, Real Foam and Super Hoppers. Try a Peacock Chubby with a small nymph dropped off. More on that below. Amy’s Ants and Fathead Beetles, sizes 10-14. Watch for craneflies to start skipping around the streambank. Trout love them. Skate a cripple drake pattern, sizes 8-10, “down and across” for some vicious eats.


Nymphs: Fish them deep and in tandem during the heat of the day. Lead with a Bead Head Prince, sizes 10-12 and follow with a Micro May, 2 Bit Hooker or a Psycho Prince, sizes 14-18. Otherwise drop that small nymph off your big, foamy terrestrial and double down. Small bright nymphs are effective: any of the many colored Copper Johns or Ice Princes do the trick. Red, Blue, Purple, Chartreuse, sizes 14-18.


Streamers: Tease Buggers and Rabbit Leeches, black and tan along banks in lowlight conditions. Use a mini sink tip to plumb the depths. Dead drifting an Epoxy Back Crayfish, olive, size 4, through the deepest runs will also turn up a meat eater or two.


Need advice on a new stretch of water to explore, or unlocking the secrets of  the soft hackle swing? The new Douglas rods are on their way… so come by the shop. We've got gift certificates and plenty of local knowledge. We’re in the thick of Trout Season 2017! Let the grass grow this weekend and get yourselves to the river for a couple of days!!


Lander Fly Shop Staff !


Call for a chat about local conditions!!