May 30, 2017 Fishing Report

Bighorn River: Bighorn, Big Flows, Big Flies!! The river rolls on, in the neighborhood of 6000 - 7000 CFS. Get bugs down into deeper 4-6 foot soft spots. Choices may include drifting and twitching streamers and large nymphs. Use plenty of weight, either on the bug or attached to your leader. Reading the water will be the difference between finding trout and going without. Don't pass by the pockets along the bank and edges along current seams. Drift contrasting streamers in tandem.

Annelids: Wire Worms and Squirmies, purple, wine, red, pink sizes 10-14

Soft Hackle, Firebead Eddy Vedder sow bugs in pink, tan sizes 12-16

Midges: larvae in red, black, olive

Streamers: Silver Minnow Buggers, Thin Mints, Skully Buggers in Black or White, Meat Whistles, virile, sizes 2-6.


Lander Area Tributaries

Depending on which stream you choose, you may find a variety of water conditions. Regardless, all of our local streams are running high, though some are clearer than others. Like the report above for the Bighorn, focusing on holding water to locate trout is the key. Streambank margins and soft spots hold fish during large flows. Hint: High stick nymphing can be especially effective this time of year. Fly selection has not changed much since the last report, but it is important to use plenty of weight and get your bugs down to the dance floor!

Some water is starting to flow from BLC, so give it a look, as the first BWO hatches of the year may start to come off... 

Jigged PTs and Princes, Psycho Princes in purple and olive, Hare's Ears, Epoxy Golden Stones, Rubberlegs (black, olive, brown), sizes 8-14

see additional patterns above.


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Lander Fly Shop Staff !