The Wind River Range

The Wind River Range is home to thousands of lakes and ponds that host an appealing mix of golden, brook, rainbow, and cutthroat trout.



A mountain range of the Rocky Mountains in western Wyoming in the United States. The range runs roughly NW-SE for approximately 100 miles. The Continental Divide follows the crest of the range and includes Gannett Peak, which at 13,804 feet, is the highest peak in Wyoming.


Several major rivers have headwaters on either side of the range. The Green and Big Sandy rivers drain southward from the west side of the range, while the Wind River drains eastward through the Shoshone Basin.

High Mountain Lakes

Wyoming’s and world record golden trout, (an 11-pounder measuring 28 inches), was caught at Cook Lake in 1948.

West Side Streams

In addition to the “big-name” waters, the Wind River Range is full of small, unnamed pothole lakes for you to discover and explore.

East Side Streams

The upper Wind has trout in the 10- to 16-inch range in a beautifully mixed landscape of rolling sagebrush hills and timbered uplands.